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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  May 19, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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east war. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has rejected that proposal. mr. obama called for the leader of syria to embrace democracy or move aside. steve handelsmans us with more from capitol hill with more on the president's response with the uprising sweeping the world. >> thanks. >> good afternoon. osama bin laden in his latest and probably last audiotape just released, appealed to the arab masses especially the so-called arab rebels to embrace al qaeda. president obama down at the state department basically reached out to the same people. >> with arabs rising up against dick tarts, some who were backed by him and his predecessors, president obama vowed to improve america's image in the middle east and u.s. security. >> after decades of accepting the world as it is in the region, we have a chance to pursue the world as it should be. >> the arab spring uprising
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overturned in tunisia and egypt. >> rebels are under attack in libya, bahrain and syria. >> the united states opposes the use of violence and repression against the people of the region. >> he slapped new sanctions on syria's leaders and intervened on libya, but obama principal number two says jobs work better than bullets. >> we think it's important to focus trade, not just aid. >> he wants u.s. loans like the ones to eastern europeans after the fall of communism. 2 billion to help egyptians and to win over other arabs. >> if you take the risks that reform entails, you will have the full support of the united states. he said israel has his full support, no compromise on security. >> but precisely because of our friendship it's important that we tell the truth.
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the status kuo is unsustainable. he endorsed a key palestinian demand. >> we believe the borders of israel and palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps. >> that will be a tough sell tomorrow when the president meets israeli prime minister net net. >> benjamin netanyahu here in d.c. is already worried that a lot of arab rebels are anti-israel and he's saying today in advance of his meeting with the president tomorrow, no way to returning to what he sees as impossible to defend 1967 borders of israel. live from capitol hill, i'm steve handelsman, news 4. doreen, back to you. >> steve, thank you. we are learning more now about the audiotape released by al qaeda overnight. it's referred to as the final message from osama bin laden. u.s. officials told nbc news that they had already heard the tape. a copy was recovered during a raid on the bin laden compound three weeks ago.
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>> in it, he praises the revolutions in egypt and tunisia and does not mention the uprisings in libya and syria. the message appears to be an attempt to appear relevant although many analysts see the peaceful revolutions as a repudiation as a vehicle for political change. "meet the press" moderator david gregory joins us with thoughts about the president's remark about the middle east today as well as another very busy political week here in washington. let's start at the beginning. benjam benjam benjamin netanyahu, the israel leader is supposed to come here tomorrow if i'm not mistaken. >> yes. >> it has set up shaky ground. >> it was an icy relationship and this doesn't make it better. what the president was talking about today or it's based on 67 borders has been policy going back several administrations and this is hardly a huge deal even upon if netanyahu doesn't like it. there are things in the speech he will like. the right for israel to defend
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itself, setting up a secure border. so they're going to balance those two things, but do i think it will inject condemnation and the proz sunday goes to speak to the american israeli political action committee meeting here in washington. so that the way netanyahu is setting his reaction up is going to impact the kind of low back that the president gets. >> the president has to be thinking about re-election? what is he up to coming up with a speech like that right now? >> and the implication being that jewish voters, florida will reject this. first of all, jews, historically will vote for a democrat by and large and not a lot of republicans get support from jewish voters, but the second point is again that this is consistent with what administration, republican and democrats have tried to do which is to forge a peace process based on the 67 borders and
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there are illusions to what are called swaps and places like jerusalem that are so-called facts on the ground and it was that border that was envisioned. this was the president charting a course where there will be tough negotiation. they would understand that this would be the basis for how you ultimately carve a palestinian state, but there has to be an important follow-up question about security. the key, the united nations resolutions would make this a final status issue which is why i think it's getting fireworks right now. >> let's talk about domestic politics for a minute. last week, you didn't create fireworks but newt gingrich did. this week you had paul ryan on. what can we anticipate, do you think? >> newt gingrich criticized ryan and his version of how to fix medicare and that lit everything up. it has imperiled gingrich's candidacy. it has earned him nothing, but condemnation from the right. this is a huge issue in the
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republican party. democrats are waiting to pounce, but this is all about budget politics and right now the two sides are talking about how they're going to get an agreement, not only on a budget, but whether they'll raise the debt sealing and it is a very polarized issue, but it will be an issue right in the middle. let's get him on and see how he can negotiate the path. >> i have to get personal. newt gingrich said you sandbagged him. how do you react to that? >> he's doing his thing. >> as he always does. >> he wants to blame -- i don't think it was the question that caused the problem. i think it was the answer. >> he does his thing, you've got to do yours. >> we'll see you sunday morning. the form cheeft international monetary fund was formally indicted in connection to a sex abuse case in new york city. the judge granted a bail request for dominique strauss-kahn. he appeared this afternoon for a bail hearing and he approved
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home detention monitored by armed guards. strauss-kahn had been behind bars since saturday after he was accused of trying to rape a maid at a manhattan hotel. he resigned from his powerful position from the international monetary fund late last night. the family of a teenager in fairfax county who was killed in a traffic accident after he drank something called four loko is suing the maker of that drink. julie carey is in our newsroom now with more on the wrongful death suit that was also filed against a manassas convenience store where they bought the drink. julie? >> reporter: this drink has been nicknamed blackout in a can and with prom and graduation season here a centerville mom wants to make sure other families don't suffer the tragic loss she did. >> my hope is that these drinks that are sold in single-serving cans will be pulled off the shelves everywhere. >> reporter: centreville mother carla rupp blames four loko for her 15-year-old son's deaths. so today she and her husband
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filed a wrongful death lawsuit against fusion projects, the maker of the alcohol-packed drink. >> the four loko effect is eternal for our son. >> reporter: bo rupp was an honors student at westfield high school, but last september 25th, he and some friends took four loko drinks to jiffy lube live. bo drank two xans the 24-houns container carried the alcohol equivalent of five beers along with the stimulant of four coffees. soon after, security called carla rupp to come get her son. >> reporter: carla rupp safely got her son home and then bo took off. under the influence of four loko, he lost touch with reality. bo was last seen running in and out of the traffic on pleasant valley road. he eventually sat down on the pavement and was struck by an suv, bo died the next day. after the fda cracked down last november four loko was reformulated. the stimulant dropped and the
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product still packs an alcohol punch of five large beers. even worse, the fruity drink packaged like some iced advertise is aimed at teenagers. >> this product is design said as a delivery system to mask both the alcoholic taste and the impact of the alcohol so that it can be drunk quickly. >> bo's parents are also suing this manassas raceway convenience store where bo reportedly purchased the four loko. >> a statement from fusion project says we work very hard to make sure our products are consumed safely by adults over the age of 21. they add we will vigorously defend against the wrongful death lawsuit. >> we stopped by the convenience store and they are stocking the case with a newly formulated four loko. no comments from the owner of the store. >> jiel carey, thanks. they've busted an international drug operation being run out of our area. 18 people from four states, virginia, maryland, new york and
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ohio are under arrest accused of distributing a drug called khat. it is a leaf containing the stimulant like cocaine, but less intense. it was run out of an arlington home of a naturalized u.s. citizen from somalia. the suspect smuggled the drug for distribution throughout the u.s. the recent heavy rains have caused flooding across the region. some trees were nearly swallowed in the swollen river. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is here to tell us what to expect in the next couple of days. is that flowing our way, doug? >> we saw the problems that the potomac created last month, almost a month ago today and this is what would happen earlier today around the georgetown area. the last time they did not put up those flood walls around the georgetown harbor and we did see a lot of flooding for those businesses and fortunately today, the flood walls are up and they're protecting that area today and the water could be very close to the same level that we saw last week. once again, definitely good news
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that they did put those walls up this time. flood warning in effect until saturday morning for all of the counties along the potomac river and a coastal flood warning for the potomac around portion of georgetown and the washington, d.c. area. alexandria will flood again overnight tonight and into the day tomorrow. live digital doppler radar just about all gone as far as the rain is concerned. southern st. mary's county as well. we will continue to see a chance of showers during the day tomorrow. i'll talk more about that, but more importantly, jim, the weekend. >> thanks, doug. for people in southern louisiana they're just waiting and they're watching. watching the mississippi river as it rises and as they hope it will eventually recede. many towns like henderson, louisiana, are virtually goefrt towns and people there packed up and moved to higher ground. the river is not expected to crest in that area until next week and it could rise another six feet between now and then.
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coming up on news 4, revealing the hero who stepped in to save children being attacked by a dog on a school bus. a woman confronted her attacker begging him to take her possession, but that's not what he wanted. >> investigators are taking an approach to one of the noeft most notorious cases that's never been solved. >> we'll bring in a new electric car that no other electric car on the market has. >> what's ahead in sports? >> derek williams says he's graduating with this year's senior class in maryland. lebron james is clutching a battle with the bulls and plus the nationals get hosed in new york. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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a news 4 exclusive report tonight. we're hearing from a woman who says she was attacked in a parking lot. she says a man put a knife to her throat ask demanded she get into a van, but the victim didn't back down as pat collins reports. >> reporter: we call her lauren. we're not using her real name or showing her face. when you hear her story you'll understand why. >> he was coming to take me. >> reporter: and then do something bad to you? >> yes. >> reporter: and maybe even kill you? >> yes. >> reporter: it happened here in brookland. you might call this lower michigan avenue. there's a metro station over
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there, catholic university up here, a comcast building back there, and this parking lot. that's where it happened. lauren was walking to get into her suv. she had headphones on and she was listening to music, as she opened the door she was attacked by a man who put a knife to her throat. >> i was very scared, but i knew that it was my life, it was life or death. >> reporter: in this space, inside that suv there was a struggle. you see, the man had handcuffs stuffed down the front of his pants. as he went to grab the handcuffs he let go of the knife and that's when lauren made her move. >> when he dropped the knife i picked the knife up and we began to struggle. i knew it was time for me to start fighting. >> reporter: that fight spilled out of the suv and on to the pavement of the parking lot. lauren still had the knife.
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she tossed it down the street. the man then grabbed her around the neck, but she went limp and as she did he let go. lauren saw a man driving his car down the street and that's when she made her getaway. >> he tried to speed off because he didn't know if the man had a gun and he didn't know what to do, so he started driving and i jumped through his window while he was driving along and held on until he got about a block away. i was hanging on to his window until he felt it was safe enough to let me in his car. that man, in that car drove lauren to a police station. cops are investigating. >> now there are a lot of security cameras around here and police are hoping that video from those cameras will help them solve this case. i'm pat collins, news 4, washington. comcast issued a statement about this is aing the safety of
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our employees and customers is a top priority and we will work with local police as they investigate this issue. comcast is the parent company of nbc universal which owns nbc 4. one of the most notorious fbi cases investigators never solved. poisoned tylenol capsules that killed seven people in the early '80s. the fbi is now taking a fresh look at that case. they're digging for dna samples from several people including the convicted unabomber ted kaczynski. it would take a court order to force him to do so. the fbi is not saying why they're looking at kaczynski in connection with the tylenol murders. and an independent investigation into the deadliest coal mining accident in 40 years puts the blame squarely on the owners of the big branch mine in west virginia.
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that report was commissioned by the state's form governor. it found that massey energy company recklessly ignored safety and allowed dangerous conditions inside that mine. 29 men were killed in the accident last april. investigators determined that better ventilation would have prevented the explosion. massey has blamed a change in federal mining rules for contributing to the problem. doctors who operated on congresswoman gabrielle giffords say she's on the path to being released from the hospital. giffords underwent surgery yesterday to help relief pressure on her brain. the doctors also placed an implant to repair her broken skull. the operation is considered a milestone in her recovery. she will no longer have to wear a helmet for everyday activities. giffords was shot in the head for everyday activities and doctors call her progress so far miraculous. coming up, prince george's fire department honoring a special member of their arson
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team. aye whether storms in maryland stirred up tornadoes. >> that's a stormy week. we might finally have good weather for the weekend
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lots of people are paying $4 for a gallon of gasoline, but that is not expected to stop them from traveling this memorial day holiday.
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aaa says 35 million americans will take trips for the upcoming long weekend. that is slightly more than last year. gas prices are about $1 more per gallon than they were last year. those going on vacation plan to cut back elsewhere, weir told, to make up for that high cost of gasoline. >> that means taking shorter trips, for example, and indulging in less expensive activities. >> but don't give up the vacation. >> it's too important. >> strange weather today. i was on my way to work and the windshield wiper's going and the sunglasses are on and it's just crazy this week. >> you get that during the summer months and you see the big shower come across and a lot of times it's followed up by the rainbow. and something else, and severe weather and this was actual video around hagerstown and this is during the day on tuesday and we talked about this over the last couple of days and they did report a tornado out there and this is video of the tornado
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around the haguerstown region. another one was confirmed in frederick county and that again during the day on tuesday. we've had a lot of severe weather today, but for us it's been to our north and east. that's been the really good news today. outside right now, take a look at this, just gorgeous out there with plenty of sunshine. blue skies, the cowed cover any those nice, wide cloud, the cumulous clouds and sometimes they mean rain and it's fairly nice out there. the rain is really surrounding us. it's up to the north and east and it's down to the south and east. you're still seeing the rain and you'll see it for about another half hour or so and back down to the southwest, we're looking at areas around harrisonburg and a few showers into portions of west virginia and that will be about it and the rest of the evening is looking very nice. if you're thinking of heading out and about, it should be good for you. frederick county and fairfax county, the loudoun, and places into west virginia, as well.
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underneath warnings, those are river flood warnings. so the entire county is not in a flood warning and just lite right along the potomac river because the river will continue to rise over the next day or so and crest during the morning on saturday. >> so if you live along the river and you know it's prone to flooding and you will see moderate flooding around georgetown and around alexandria as well where we have the coastal flood warnings in effect. the storm system itself is finally starting to move off toward the east and that's where most of the rain is. the strongest storms up toward philadelphia and towards baltimore, and a couple of tornado warnings up toward baltimore during the day today, but for us, just the scattered shower variety and we'll see more of the same tomorrow. high temperature today, 70 degrees, average high, 76. a bit below average and with the sun, not all that bad and at the airport, just about an inch of rain for the last five days, down towards dulles, 2.13 inches in the last five days and so not a whole lot of rain for the
6:26 pm
airports and some lookeds have over the last couple of days have picked up three, four, five inches of rain and that's why we've seen some flooding. 67 degrees out there right now and winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. once again, nice temperatures out there right now. 70 manassas and clinton coming in at 68 degrees. the next couple of days this area of low pressure has been pestering the region. it is going to finally start to move out, but it is going provide with us one more day of scattered showers. nothing severe during the day tomorrow, but just some showers and heavier downpours and by saturday it moves out into the atlantic and here comes nice, warm air and maybe not just warm air, maybe some hot air by the time we end the day on sunday. partly cloudy this evening and isolated showers and we showed you most of those are out of the region, and tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and a slight chance of a few showers and i expect most of those in the afternoon and you'll wake up to temperatures in the 50s and there's the chance of showers
6:27 pm
tomorrow afternoon and 75 to 78 degrees with winds out of the twoeft 5 to 10 miles per hour and as we make our way into the day on saturday. look at this. 82, a beautiful day on saturday. 87 on sunday with a slight chance of a shower. 90 on monday and a chance of a shower there and how about this? how about we continue with another 90-degree day on tuesday and depending on where the front is we can see acres not even wednesday and shower activity. right now i'm heading toward the showers. >> b. option b. the weekend is looking better. >>hank you, doug. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, we'll hear from the man who saved some school kids from a dog attack. >> he just ran up to this one child, and he's just trying to bite him and anybody that got in his way. >> the man who won a million dollar lottery on new year's day
6:28 pm
explain yes he waited so long to collect his money. >> and a bear who wandered into the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time. wait until you see this. coming up in sport, not a good day for the nationals and it was a great night for lebron. and at the preakness, a
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today president obama introduced what he described as a new chapter in american dip loem loam see. it includes a call for israel to return tots 1967 borders. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu immediately rejected that idea. >> a news 4 exclusive a woman attacked in the parking lot in northwest d.c. the victim tell us us the man held a knife to her throat trying to handcuff her and drag ler into a van. she was able to fight back and get away. nobody has been arrested yet. >> a family is suehr suing the makers of four loko malt beverage. their 15-year-old son died last september during actions after he drank two cans of the stuff. the maker of the product says it will fight the lawsuit. >> a vicious dog ran on to a school bus in prince george's county biting at least four young kids. >> according to witnesses, were it not for the school bus driver that attack would have been much worse. >> john schriffen has more.
6:32 pm
>> prince george's county public school bus driver barry jones decided to take the day off from work today because he says he's still very shaken up about the incident. he's thankful that none of the children were seriously injured, but knows had he not come to the rescue the incident could have been a lot worse. >> how many times do you think the dog bit you? >> well, i think he bit me about five times. >> raysean ray was one of several kids attacked yesterday morning aboard a school bus by a dog that looked like this. the incident happened before 8:00 in the morning in clinton, maryland. as he pulled up to the stop to let kids on, the dog soon followed, going after raysean. >> he was just trying to bite him and anybody that got in his way and these two girls that he also bit, but not nearsly, they
6:33 pm
got in his way and he bit them. >> jones says he quickly ran to the back of the bus, kicking and punching the dog until the animal finally let raysean go from his mouth. the dog was shot and killed by authorities once they arrived on scene. >> when they're on my bus, i kind of feel like i'm their father for that time that they're on my bus and they're in my hands and i have to keep them from getting hurt any way that i can. >> authorities still have not been able to find the owner of that dog, but animal control has taken samples of the dog to be tested for rabies. we are told results won't come back until some time tomorrow. doreen, back to you. john schriffen reporting. thank you, john. a montgomery county man is sentenced for aye an accident that killed two men. 25-year-old alejandro roman got 12 years in prison on a
6:34 pm
manslaughter convict. roman's blood alcohol level was well above the legal limit and he never called for help despite stopping to look at the victims. adam hosinski both died. they were old friends from good council high school. and there's a sad update to a story we reported yesterday. the 13-month-old baby injured by a falling television set has died. the baby lived at this home on chantilly lace court in chantilly. fairfax police say the tv fell from a table in an upstairs bedroom and landed on the child. he died this afternoon. investigators say it appears to have been an accident. a government contractor has agreed to compensate the state of virginia. >> they will compensate them for causing a widespread computer crash. that crash last summer affected 26 state agencies including the department of motor vehicle services such as renewing driver's licenses. services such as that were
6:35 pm
interrupted for days. northrop grumman operates the computer system. today it announced that it will pay virginia nearly $5 million for the computer failure. the company blames the meltdown on both technology and on human error. in the district today mayor vincent gray took time to focus on the budget battle to entertain council members from baghdad. the two sides said they have a lot in common. neither gets much respect from the national government. tom sherwood has our report. >> the nine baghdady council members arrived for an hour-long meeting arranged by the state department. >> mayor gray dove into a detailed -- and even how you get along with 13 council mps
6:36 pm
compared to 57. >> i would imagine that the job of the mayor here and the city council is relatively less strainious than ours as opposed to our 57. >> i don't know about that one. the. >> mayor gave them ceremonial drink coasters and it took time to say it denies ordinary rights of citizenship. >> our city budget, believe it or not has to be approved by the united states congress. [ speaking foreign language ] >> we would like to add our voice to your voice, mayor n demanding the federal government to give you your rights. >> thank you. >> soon, the meeting was over and gray told nbc 4 he'd like to visit baghdad, if possible. >> i would love to go there. i think i could learn a lot from the experience. i could hopefully contribute
6:37 pm
something to the challenges that they're grappling with. >> reporter: but first there's the budget in the d.c. counsel to deal with. tom sherwood, news 4, washington. >> on the budget, mayor gray ordered a city wide spending freeze this week and he put more controls on city contracting expenses. the schools, police and some other agencies are exempt from the cuts. the freeze on hiring and promotions might last until september. the prince george's fire department said its last good-byes to a decorated member of the arson team. misty was laid to rest on monday. the dog served seven years as a k-9 and misty played a key role in finding the patterns that led authorities to a serial arsonist that set more than 300 fires in the d.c. area. after retiring in 2006 he remained a faithful pet to his handler. misty was 13 years old. >> coming up tonight, a medical
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and hello, everybody, i'm meteorologist doug kammerer in storm center 4. right now the radar is pretty
6:41 pm
much quiet at least around our area. still shower activity in southern coward county and back down in towards culpeper county just to the south of culpeper county, but that's about it, and not much in the way of rain throughout the evening tonight. 57 degrees as you wake up tomorrow morning and 53 in warrenton and 52 up toward frederick. tomorrow afternoon, high temperatures in the mid-70s with just a chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm, but doreen, not everybody will get wet. >> all right. let's hope not. thank you, doug. >> heading to the pool or the beach this summer could cost you. that's according to a new study about swimmer's ear. the injury leads to more than 2 million doctor have saids each year. that's more than half a billion in healthcare costs. one in 123 americans went to the doctor for swimmer's ear in 2007. most cases were children ages 5 to 14. doctors say it helps to drive your ears after swimming or showering. frequent swimmers may have to
6:42 pm
use alcohol eardrops. a japanese venture company unveiled a new electric car today and they did it in tokyo. it's called the sinlay, it has a high performance motor installed with each wheel. it can go more than 200 miles on a single charge. the car was developed by 32 companies including mitsubishi motors. that company has expressed an interest in manufacturing the car. they hope to have it on the market by 2013. there's no word on just how much it will cost. you have to watch this. a pack of dogs chasing off a 150-pound black bear that wandered into a town in new mexico. those dogs were absolutely relentless. they chased the bear up and down the streets of rosswell, new mexico, yesterday. rosswell, maybe that bear was not normal. officials closed several streets before they cornered the bear. they tranquilized the animal.
6:43 pm
he was probably grateful that they put him down instead of those dogs because those dogs were on him hard. they say it's the second bear they've caught this week. that one will probably go back and tell those boys do not go into that town, those dogs down there are crazy. officials believe that dry conditions and lack of food because of recent wildfires are pushing the bears toward the city, but we suspect that there won't be too many bears going back into that town. >> it's down by the ufo. >> rosswell is that place. strange things happen down there. that bear may not have been earthbound. >> or the dogs. >> or the dogs, either. what's going oman? >> this is kind of cool, a facebook campaign gives gary williams one last chance to say good-bye at maryland. the special relationship between a trainer and one of the preakness favorites and the nationals, not in a new york state of
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
i drpt see it, but i heard it was just an awful call that they got caught up in. it was one of the worst calls they'll ever see. it doesn't mean they've won the game, but it certainly made it quicker than it should have. the ways things have been going the nationals have trouble scoring runs at a softball game. washington still has the worst batting average in the majors at 225 and today they got shut down by a 21st round draft pick who started all of nine big league
6:47 pm
ball games, despite the anemic hitting, the nationals still had a shot, but nates and mets up in new york. dylan g. on the bump for the metropolitans and he had it going from the start and roger bernardino with the nasty change-up right there. live an hernandez pitching to justin turner with two on and two out. and turner singles right up the middle and josh totally comes in to score. the only run of the ball game. top six. he still has a no-hitter going. live an hernandez breaks it up right down the middle and he took the middle through 5 2/3 and gets a standing ovation, but live an would end up stranded. top nine. still 1-0 mets and jason werth out, rips one to third. the throw over to first pulse the first baseman daniel murphy off the bag, so he should have been saved, but the first base umpire calls is out and he is irate for good reason. we'll show this to you a couple of times.
6:48 pm
watch. look how far his foot comes off. >> look at that. >> how can he not see that? >> two or three inches off the back. >> riggleman is irate. it is the first time they were shut out. what do you do for the struggling offense? >> you show confidence in them that, look, we put the ball club together. there are not other people who are going wave a magic wand if somebody else will show up. this is a ball club and this is what we put together and this is what we have confidence in and let's turn it around, and this is early stuff is nonsense. it's not early. >> jim riggelman says you have to get it early. kevin durant and the thunder trying to open things up in the finals. tip-off in game two in dallas tonight. list of lebron and the heat and they stepped up to beat chicago in game two of the eastern conference finals.
6:49 pm
lebron james not feeling great last night, but it was hard to tell. first quarter, lebron has the ball and he'll miss the jumper. he'll get the rebound and feeds to a cutting lebron and it's hammer time. you ain't going to stop that one when lebron is down the middle at 6'9", 260. he chucks it up and that proved to be a wise decision. yeah. a 50-foot buzzer beater. probably not going make that twice in a row. the bulls actually led 26-19 after the first quarter. third quarter, the heat getting a huge boost from udonis and gets the block there. look at mike bibby. you've got the block and you get the dunk, big fellow. he had 13 off the bench and lebron is breathing easier after an 85 to 75 win. he got a lot of help on that one from udonis haslem.
6:50 pm
>> gary williams probably had a tee time scheduled, but he had to cancel. he was added as a speaker at maryland's graduation thanks to a successful campaign by the students. he was by far the most popular speaker at graduation, greeted with a standing ovation and always bringing with the motion. >> whether it's sports or academics, we all have some talent and we have to put it to use, so i was fortunate to be able to do it here and coalfield house -- [ applause ] >> and i heard, you know, and my players, cliff tucker, adrian buoy, dino gregory, our three graduating seen dwlors year,
6:51 pm
they told me this was a great grat graduating class, so i thought i'd go out with you guys. beat duke! >> that's pretty cool. gave them the old fist pump. >> that guy sitting next to him must have been the other graduate. massey being there following gary williams? good gracious! >> get a little upstaged. >> yeah. >> he gave the first pump, too, again to tell them to move the tassels and they all held their hands up like it was a free throw. it was a cool moment at comcast center. the 136th rung of the preek business stakes is just two days away. one of the favorites is a horse named mucho macho man. after a third place finish, mucho macho man is a 6 to 1 favorite which puts him in third on the preakness for saturday. lindsay czarniak has more on the horse named mucho macho man. >> the race that will take place here saturday is nothing compared to the race already run
6:52 pm
by horse trainer kathy refill. >> after years of battling a heart condition and critical month of waiting, she received a heart transplant in 2008. >> it definitely was a long road. i was sick for a lot of years and when i finally got on the years i waited about six months, you know, waiting for a heart. i had a lot of bad days. i was really, really sick and you don't know if it's ever going to end. you don't know if it will get better and now that i was blessed to get a heart that someone unselfishly donated from their family i'm doing great. >> reporter: now the mother of two teenagers is the trainer for mucho macho man. he was third in the kentucky derby and has 6 to 1 odds at the preakness. kathy told me the road she has traveled and the connection with this sport make this even more special. >> i've had such a long road and he has, too. so, i mean, it would mean the
6:53 pm
world to us in my family. it's very exciting being here and the horse is doing so good that i'm excited. >> kathy told me confidently it has been two years, six months and six days since her heart transplant. in just two more days she could become the trainer of the winning horse at preakness. from pimlico, lindsay czarniak, back to you. >> a lot of horses to root for
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
what would you do with a million bucks? better yet, how long would you twiet claim a million bucks? about 15 minutes, maybe? a virginia lottery winner from alexandria waited nearly four months to come forward, but he claimed that prize today and derek ward has his story. >> kofiianer knows how to keep a secret. while he may have had a million reasons to shout at the top of his lurngs the alexandria man kept the news of the lottery win for to himself for nearly four months. >> i'm a confidential guy, i'm a private guy. >> while he was keeping calm, virginia lottery officials were getting worried. >> we waited. we waited. we got worried. we asked the local media, help us find this winner. we hope that they haven't lost
6:57 pm
the ticket. >> far from losing it,ianer kept his wits about it and with the family it was an easy decision to about what to do with his million. >> all of my life i've been poor and what i'm going to do is invest this money and put it in an investment. >> i often tell winners they have beaten amazing odds and are lucky fluff to win a big prize. we recommend that they talk potentially to legal folks as well as financial folks. >> the odds for the you year's millionaire raffle were among the best of any other games. only 300,000 tickets were sold and even with 3 million dollar winners and hundred more paying off in smaller amount, the school system, the recipient of lottery revenue and thus the children of virginia also won. >> weir happy to have a winner and proceed goes to help our public schools which are so very important. >> the owner of the super dollar saver gets a $10,000 reward himself.
6:58 pm
as for the big winner, he says he actually felt a little uncomfortable taking time off from his job at the local hospital to pick up his big check. tomorrow it's back to work. money hasn't changed him. >> i was at the right place at the right time. >> derek ward, news 4. coming up tonight at 11:00 we'll tell you about a guy who won $2 million in the lottery and he's still collecting food stamps. the state says there's nothing they can do about it. also an attack outside a popular restaurant has some elected officials in one part of maryland looking for extra security. also tonight, a goat leading police on one of the most unusual chases that they tell us we've seen in the washington area. >> maybe it's from rosswell. >> hey. >> transport happened. >> we've got some more rain tonight? >> a few showers and most of us we'll not see showers and for most of us it will be a very nice night and a very nice evening, digital doppler radar around parts of frederick county
6:59 pm
and more down to the south into portions of st. mary's county moving along the eastern shore and that's going to be about it and over the next couple of days and the chance of showers tomorrow and most of us will not see them and a high of 78 degrees and it should be a nice day tomorrow and even bet or saturday. a high of 82 with plenty of sunshine. sunday, a high temperature of 87 and then on monday, a high of 90. that would be a perfect forecast one week from now, that would be memorial day. let's hope we can do something similar. >> thank you, doug. >> thanks, doug. a guy out in utah bought himself a pretty nice little house. a town called bountiful, utah, and he did find some bounty. booty, the pirates used to call it. josh perren moved into the new house and he'd been there for two hours when he found $40,000. the money was piled in bags in the ceiling of the house garage. they knew they couldn't keep it. they never thought of it so